Much better food in a much smarter way.

Food has the power to prevent disease or cause it. To unite communities or segregate them. To restore farmland or deplete it.

The familiarity of terms like childhood obesity, food desert, and factory farming speak to the state of our current food system.

But if we realized the potential of food — real food — we could reinvent the food system to make those words obsolete.

We build the technology to make healthy, sustainable eating easy for everyone.

ActualFood is a philanthropically funded research & development laboratory conducting a radical experiment on the most overlooked opportunity to change our food system: the grocery shopping experience.


We're redefining access to healthy, affordable food.

ActualFood's unprecedented free, same-day delivery system will serve every community — urban, suburban, or rural, wealthy or not — and offer supermarket prices for beyond-the-supermarket selection.


We're bringing the farmers' market to the mainstream.

ActualFood is dedicated to increasing supply and demand for responsibly-grown foods. Our direct sourcing and distribution network will offer farmers their fair share of the food dollar and expand their customer base far beyond the traditional farmers' market.


We're making food as preventative medicine the new normal.

With our team of top nutrition and behavioral scientists, we will apply and conduct large scale research and discover the best ways to guide customers toward decisions that reduce their risk of chronic disease.


Food accounts for a quarter of the U.S. carbon footprint.

But even a modest shift toward healthier decisions would significantly reduce food's environmental impact. With ActualFood in every community, we can help millions of people take control of their health and live more sustainably.

Our vision at ActualFood is to build a new food system in which everyone is empowered to be a changemaker. One community, one customer, and one decision at a time, we can amplify and strengthen the real food movement that began long before ActualFood.

ActualFood's initial R&D was funded by individual philanthropists and organizations like the Yale Center for Business and the Environment and the Connecticut Health Foundation.

We're calling for philanthropists and foundations to support a pilot of ActualFood to further develop and refine our technologies and measure our impact in preparation for a national rollout.

To learn more about joining our coalition of philanthropists and foundations, contact ActualFood's Founder and CEO, Greg Grinberg, at